Sings You Need Professional Services for Your Commercial Roofing in St Louis

If you have recently acquired a piece of commercial real estate, it is a good idea to have a building inspector inspect the roof so you will have confidence that it is up to code. After all, the roof on your building will be the first line of defense from all the natural elements, including extreme heat and adverse weather. Since your commercial roofing in St Louis is exposed to the weather every single day, it will also be the most vulnerable portion of your entire building.

Some signs that you need professional services for your commercial roof are highlighted here.

Bubbles Present on the Roof’s Surface

If the building inspector that you hire finds bubbling on your commercial roof, then this is an indication that there is moisture trapped beneath the cover. This type of trapped moisture may lead to leaks, and will reduce the life span of the entire roof cover. This is a problem that should not be ignored, since the moisture can spread, causing interior damage to your building as well.


Issues with the Roof Flashing

Just like on a residential roof, the flashing on your commercial roof is an important protective feature that needs to be in great repair. Any gaps that are present in between the strips of metal that are around the perimeter of your commercial roof will increase the possibility of water damage and mold.

Areas of Standing Water

If there are any areas on the surface of a commercial roof where there are pools of water, it can result in the surface weakening and eventually deteriorating. If action is not taken to correct these areas, it can result in more extensive damage down the road, which will also cost much more to repair.

When you have a building inspector come to evaluate the condition of your commercial roof, it may also be a good time to find out if you need replacement windows in St. Louis. These issues are not ones that you can ignore, since they will cost you more in the future. Additionally, if they are not addressed, it can cause you issues in the interior of your building.


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